This book was made by Nuummi. She is an artist who makes drawings and writes poems. While Nuummi tries to live off of her art, her body is working hard to keep her healthy. And things can get pretty rough. Bacteria are constantly bugging each other and T-cells launch the attack. Both in Nuummi’s inner and outer bubble, the battle for survival is a turbulent ride.

Lending White Walls

Generously, the Netherlands lent the Rietveld Pavilion to Estonia for the Venice Biennale. But we could not prevent the work of one of our guests being censored. What does real engagement actually look like?

  • 1 October 2022
  • Brenda Tempelaar

Towards a Boneless Ethic: Exhibiting Institutions in Ecologies of Decease

Niekolaas J. Lekkerkerk’s essay on the primary function of art as a means of finding one’s inscription into contemporaneity, seeks to connect geopolitical turmoil, the Corona pandemic, ecological breakdown, the Black Lives Matter movement, uprising against dictatorships and the enduring migrant crises to the activistic inadequacy of the art workers brigade.

  • 30 September 2020
  • Niekolaas J. Lekkerkerk

The Practice of

This publication collects first-hand experiences with the Dutch art field, based on the various dilemmas and dogmas that one may encounter in the production and presentation of art. A collectively held ‘I’ offers insight into the stakes of the field, and invites to a reassessment of its hierarchical, closed nature.